Friday, 29 March 2013


Assalamualaikum Warahmathulahi Wabarakatuhu


They say muslim women are oppressed.Let's find the fat.And those who are calling for the freedom of women,and those who call for equality,and who beg to free muslim women. But free her from what?

They want to free her from her Dignity of course,
Free her from the clothes she wears,
Free her from the pride that she has,
They want to free her and make her invaluable.
They want her to be looked by every passerby.

But remember dear sisters "How good you look is not what you have inside, its just what you have outside". It's a superficial short lived, a measuring stick that is judged by a human being.
Your a slave to a man who tells you what to do?, what not to do?, what to wear? what not to wear? Is this the freedom the society wants the sisters to have????
Decide sisters do you want such freedom ?

OR Do you want to please Allah SWT?

A man that doesn't care, who you are, where you go, you're gonna end up in the hell fire after him.
OR Allah SWT who wants your to go in Eternal happiness?
If this the freedom you want.
If this is who your are.

It's A choice you have to make Ukhti!

Today "HAYAA" (shyness) is lost among muslim sisters. We see sisters laughing and playing around in public places. Hayaa is a branch of Eemaan (Faith).
Every successful man need a KHADIJA.
So the first person to embarace islam was a women.
The first person to die for islam was women. "Sumayyah"
The greatest scholor of Islam was a women "Aaysha".
The person who loved the prophet the most was a women "Fathimah".
The person who made biggest sacrifice for Islam in one day was a women."Khansa"
One of the greatest fighters in Islamic History was a women. "Kawlah Bint al Azwar"

The warrior behind the veil , the women. Women were at the Forefront of this Islamic awakening, side by side with Rasullullah SAW.

This message is for every sister who lives in defense of the "Qur'an and the Sunnah", and this message is for every sister who has forgotten who she is, I want to speak to you but the real you.
I don't want to speak to the lipstick, or the color contacts or the pink hair or the bouncing head to the iPod or the cowgirl boots or the fake nails, I want to speak to you the Real You, your heart and your soul and your mind, About those things buried deep down inside of you, that I wish you could remember.

Don't you remember who you are? And women that are "kaasiyat", they have clothes on, they have fabric on their bodies,but "Aariyat", they are naked. They're wearing clothes but it's as if they're not wearing anything.Like the women we see nowadays, "Maa'ilaat" "Mumilat" they sway side to side, in the way they walk, the way they talk, and the way they interact with the opposite gender.

The Prophet SAW says:"They do not enter "JANNAH" these two types of people, and they will not even be able to find the fragrance of "JANNAH".


The women who leave the house with the shape of their bodies defined,or their hairs showing, or their decorating one way shape or form, or their are perfumed. Every neck that turns, every eye that looks, you share in the sin of the person that committed it. You could be upon the bus reading "Qur'an or making Dhikr" and you don't even realize the guy whose eyes fall on your thigh, or his eyes fall on your arms, or your neck, or your waist, or your legs, any of this. You get the exact same sin because you made,that sin a possibility. And it appeared to them before ALLAH, What they never expected. Sins and sins and sins and sins; Mountains!Never expected. The Higher the skirt, the higher the pay, the more buttons open on the blouse, the higher the pay, The prettier the hair, the higher the pay.
The society has tricked the women in to thinking the attention they can grab to what? to feed their perverse desires. They brainwashed women in to thinking that was value. And they thought they were liberated and they finally achieved Equality.

But really they have tricked the women.But not you. Not my Sister. Not the slave of Allah.
pls now say dear sisters are "WE OPPRESSED? "

Not at all islam has respected women to such a extend that the JANNAH lies under the feet of mother.
SHARE TO SHOW THE WORLD muslims are not oppressed.


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